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We work together to design and build

your backyard oasis.

We have renovated and transformed over 250 backyards and we have taken clients through each step from concept to design to construction. We love to meet with clients and listen to their ideas to reconstruct their backyards. We welcome all ideas and aren’t afraid to take on challenges and come up with innovative solutions. We work together with your budget to give you the pool that you desire.

We Build Your Vision 

Our relationship begins with a visit to the client's home where we check out the property to assess vehicle accessibility and figure out if any structures or landscaping will pose any problems. The locations of septic tanks is critical as a pool needs to be at least 20 feet away to be compliant with town code. If it needs to be moved our team can relocate it to a safe location.


Now that we have a framework in place and understand the limitations of the property, we present the client with the shape options of the pool. We show them examples of rectangular pools, free-form pools, and pool-spa combos. We then present additional options to enhance the quality of the pool such as water features, heaters, salt water systems, and automatic pool covers. A blueprint can now be designed for the pool and patio and we start to map out the plumbing system and water lines to the pool. ​


Choosing the Look & Feel of Your Pool

The next phase is deciding on the materials that the pool will be made of. We present samples of the different kinds of coping, steps, water features, baja shelfs, and any other feature the client may wish to have in their backyard oasis. We present many visual mediums to our clients so they can feel confident in their choices. We bring clients to job sites to see pools up close so they can feel the “Wow!” factor of the pools we have built. We are happy to take them to our vendors so they can see and feel the tiles, stones, and pool finishes. Meet us at one of our preferred vendors; 9 Brothers Building Supply, and you can see the renovated outdoor showroom which is an excellent example of our stone masonry craftsmanship.


A Design and Construction Process that Puts the Client in Control

Once the materials have been selected we can start planning the construction of your pool. We work with property surveyors to determine the construction area. Our office will ensure all permits are processed properly and we are in compliance with local regulations. Depending on the town, permits can sometimes take up to 8 weeks to be completed. Once we have obtained the permits for your pool we will meet once again to review the project and ask the client if they would like to make any changes. Since we have our own construction crews we can be flexible with any last minute changes and can begin when the client feels ready. This is a benefit that many other pool companies do not offer. We do all of the trenching, backfilling, and land grading in house so are projects move with maximum efficiency .


Complete Pool Construction

Once the pool walls are poured we bring in more samples again even if the client has made a choice on a particular tile or coping. We want our clients to be 100% confident in the choices they made on the materials of their pool, therefore we are happy to show them other samples so they can compare side-by-side and see how they actually look up close in their yard.  We have strong relationships with our vendors so changing an order or returning a material isn’t an issue. 

Once the pool is built we offer a full maintenance service contract to ensure that your pool and all of its equipment are under warranty and can be repaired with no further expense to the client. To learn more about our maintenance service, please visit our maintenance service page.



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